The Community Connections Group LLC Management Team creates technology solutions and efficiencies for nonprofits, providing an innovative solution to enhance their ability to raise funds. Led by Steven Shulman, founder of many successful industry solutions, the team at CCG is laser focused on providing the best platform for non-profits to raise funds.


​The Mission of CCG is to leverage the latest technologies and create simplified and automated solutions to the antiquated and dated fund-raising systems that many non-profits still use today. Starting with Raffle Network™ – CCG has created a simplified fund raising tool for all non-profits to use. The service simplifies the sweepstakes model of fund-raising and replaces it with a network effect for quicker and greater funding by leveraging social networks and the latest technologies.   If you want to find out more about the powerful, ground-breaking and innovative opportunities available please call our corporate office at 617-694-3350.

Our Mission

Simplifying solutions for a better tomorrow

Community Connections Group LLC



Dave is an attorney who has been practicing law for more than 25 years with two internationally recognized law firms, as well as having provided a broad range of legal advice as in-house counsel for a billion-dollar company on contractual and related matters.   In private practice, he has advised both start up and established companies on a broad base of corporate governance, fundraising and strategic issues and has been serving as the Chief Legal Officer for Raffle Network since it was established in 2016.   He is a co-founder of Raffle Network, who oversees all legal functions including compliance and contractual matters.   

Steven Shulman

Sean Lucey

Sean Lucey has been an entrepreneurial leader since youth.  In 1994 he officially left the corporate World (National Sales Manager at Fischer Pharmaceuticals) and ventured into his first technology start-up venture, becoming founder of 2NITE Enterprises, a division of Boston Web Sites and later, Cedona Technologies.  Sean was instrumental in guiding his team to receiving term sheets from Venture Capital firms, organizing strategic partnerships, high end board of advisors and directors resulting in significant and rapid National growth. 

As a devoted team leader, Sean has been instrumental in the design and development of business strategies for several firms, including five as a founding partner.  Ventures include SaaS, IT Services firms, market research and sustainability, financial services, IBM Strategic Business Partnerships. Sean has been an independent consultant, mentor to entrepreneurs, coach, member of several boards, and active within charitable organizations including the Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care.

Currently, Sean is President of Lucey Corporation an IBM Advanced Business Partner and consulting firm focusing on supply chain and integration solutions.  Sean has recently launched the multi-shore Cedona Center-of-Excellence in Charlotte, NC for Omni-Channel excellence and is Co-founder of The Community Connections Group who produce Raffle Network™ which simplifies the old ticketing system and replaces it with a network effect for quicker and greater funding by leveraging social networks through any device.


Sean graduated from Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts with a BS in Marketing Management with a concentration on Entrepreneurship.  

David Suny

Steven graduated from Northeastern University with a Degree in Entrepreneurship from the College of Business. The year he graduated from Northeastern he approached Caterpillar with the idea of branding their name onto work boots. He worked with design teams and manufacturers to launch Cat Footwear that is now owned by Wolverine and tops $100 Million in sales annually. He then found a much needed niche in America’s School Systems that saved money for schools by extending the life of text books. Cover Concepts was one of the largest in-school marketing companies in the country. It started distributing free sponsored text book covers to a small network of 55 schools in Massachusetts. Its network rapidly expanded over the next eight years to encompass over 32,000 schools reaching 28 million students nationwide. Its services also expanded to include product sampling, educational material and a magazine distributed in thousands of daycare centers. Cover Concepts was successfully sold to KKR and PRIMEDIA. The year it was sold the company produced and distributed over 100 million book covers and product samples. 


Steven stayed in the school space and started BusRadio. BusRadio was a venture backed startup funded by Sigma partners and Charles River Ventures. It was the largest national radio network bringing age-appropriate music, original programming, and public service messages to more than 1 million listeners between the ages of 6 and 18 every weekday during their daily bus ride. BusRadio reached more than 8,500 buses in 120 school districts. As one of the fastest growing national media networks in the youth music space, it provided a better alternative to inappropriate FM radio programming and was a vital safety partner with school districts across America. By utilizing the technology that delivered music programming, BusRadio was able to provide school officials and First Responders integral information concerning student safety on the school bus. By utilizing his vast experience with school systems, Steven realized that there was a need for digitizing fundraising and turning the archaic paper systems upside down. Together with his strong team of business partners he leads Raffle Network into the clear path of user friendly on line Raffle for multiple organizations to utilize.

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